Utility Assistance

Dollar Energy

The Dollar Energy Fund is a nonprofit organization that has provided utility assistance to low income households in Pennsylvania since 1983. Through their partnerships with fourteen gas, electric, and water utility companies, they provide approximately 14,000 utility hardship grants to low-income families throughout Pennsylvania on an annual basis.

Neighbor for Neighbor

Through the generosity of individuals in your community and National Fuel Gas Company shareholders, a fund was created to help heat the homes of families in need living in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Because of donations from your neighbors, funds are available to prevent disconnection of utility service, this program can assist in paying current or past due energy bills, and purchase home heating fuel of any kind. Please contact CPCA directly if you are interested in more information regarding the Neighbor for Neighbor program.

H2O Help to Others Program – Pennsylvania American Water (PAWC)

The H20 – Help to Others Program is administered by the Dollar Energy Fund and Conservation Consultants, Inc. The H2O Program offers three services, including one-time grants to be used toward a household’s water bill, discounts on the monthly service fee, and water-saving devices and education. To qualify for a grant, a customer’s annual income must be at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIG). To qualify for the discount on the PAWC monthly service fee, and the Water-Saver Kit, customer’s annual income must be at or below 150 percent of the FPIG. The Water-Saver Kit includes a low flow shower head, faucet aerators and a toilet tummy, also included is an educational booklet explaining helpful tips on saving water and reducing your water bill through wise water use. For more information contact Dollar Energy Fund at 1-888-282-6816. For assistance applying for a grant, contact CPCA’s office in Philipsburg at 814-342-0404.

WARM and WARM PLUS Services – FirstEnergy Companies, Penelec and West Penn Power

WARM and WARM PLUS are free weatherization and energy education programs for Penelec and West Penn Power residential customers in Pennsylvania. The objective of the program is to help customers save energy and money by reducing their energy consumption. This is done by installing energy conservation measures in the home and by educating family members on their use of energy. Penelec and West Penn Power partner with community-based organizations and energy conservation contractors who perform energy-saving home improvements and energy education for customers. There are household income requirements and other program qualifications that must be met to benefit from this service. For more information contact the Weatherization Department at 814-765-1551 or 1-800-822-2610 extension 1108.