Budget Buddies Program offers financial education to low-to-moderate income community

  • Photo L-R: Natalia Dominguez Buckley, Susan Hawthorne, Bonnie Boop, Robin Knepp, Christina Spicer, Douglas Funk, Ternie Dlugoenski, Melanie Eger, Daniel Morrow.

jbenamati Aug 14, 2018 (The Progress)

Central Pennsylvania Community Action, Inc. is launching a new program called “Budget Buddies” that will offer the opportunity to provide financial education to low-to-moderate income individuals and families who wants to have the tools to achieve their financial goals. The program, is set to begin in September in partnership with Santander Bank, thanks to a $10,000 grant Santander Bank awarded to CPCA.

“Budget Buddies is a different and innovative financial education program,” says Susan Hawthorne, CPCA Executive Director, “Budget Buddies focuses on the positive, and what a participant can do with his or her money, not what they cannot do. Further, through Santander Bank’s generous grant, CPCA will reward participants for saving money with a dollar for dollar match up to $250.00.”

The Budget Buddies Program will take a look at each participant’s finances, and show them ways to save money within each participant’s own lifestyle choices. Seminars will be held on pertinent topics, such as couponing, identity theft, budget and money management, how to save for unexpected life situations, and more.

Budget Buddies Program participants will open savings accounts at Santander Bank, and case workers will show each participant how to save $250, which will then be matched. “This is a very personal one-on-one program,” Hawthorne said, “It is not templated, because every participant will have a different lifestyle, and different financial needs.”

“It is an honor to work with this great organization. By partnering with CPCA on the Budget Buddies program, we are helping to build a stronger community and giving individuals and families the know-how and tools they need to become more financially aware and independent,” said Daniel Morrow, Santander’s District Executive for the State College Williamsport District.

CPCA-Santander Bank’s Budget Buddies Program is accepting applications for the program right now. For more information, contact Hawthorne at 404-5688 or SHawthorne@CPCAA.net.

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